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Clean +Vegan

We have immersed ourselves in the realms of additive-free, minimalist, and pure beauty long before clean beauty and vegan cosmetics started receiving significant attention. Our unwavering commitment ensures cruelty-free practices, the utilization of vegan ingredients wherever possible, and meticulous and sincere manufacturing processes. The innovation of our products does not mean compromising these standards. Clean beauty is a subjective category; nonetheless, we define it as follows, steadfastly adhere to our standards, and transparently share our criteria with you.

PETA Certified Cruelty-Free and Vegan

We have officially joined PETA's program, allowing us to use their certification mark. This is our pledge never to engage in animal testing at any stage of our production or distribution processes. Our vegan products utilize 100% vegan ingredients, ensuring they are completely free from any animal-derived components.


CertClean: Exclusion of Over 1,200 Harmful Ingredients

CertClean, a Canadian clean beauty association, has identified and scrutinizes the use of over 1,200 potentially harmful ingredients, including parabens, sulfates, BHA, BPA, plastic microbeads, talc, urea, retinyl palmitate, mercury or mercury-containing ingredients, resorcinol, formaldehyde, aluminum salts, and mineral oil. The majority of our products have earned the CertClean mark, adhering to their stringent ingredient selection and manufacturing criteria.


Disclosure of Natural Ingredient Ratios

We strive to use the highest possible proportion of natural ingredients in our products, ranging from a minimum of 80% to over 99%, and we make continuous efforts to select ingredients produced in ethical manners.



Sustainable Beauty and Conscious Consumption by Dr. Orga

Recycling Bin

Container Recycling

In today's context, 'beautiful consumption' is not about choosing products with flashy packaging, but about minimizing waste. Limited terrestrial resources, which could be more productively utilized, are being used for landfill purposes. We forgo extravagant packaging, focusing solely on the original function of protecting the contents, while always paying attention to methods that result in minimal waste and maximal recycling after use. This movement is steady and ongoing, continually expanding its reach.


Water Usage

The phenomenon of water scarcity should not be viewed as a problem faced by only a select number of countries. Our planet, once abundant with blue waters, is witnessing a yearly increase in regions suffering from water scarcity, with some countries experiencing a severity that threatens life itself. The cleansing power of chemical surfactants, potent enough to compromise the skin's protective barrier, is a target for avoidance, not just for the sake of maintaining a healthy body, but also due to the substantial amount of water required to completely rinse them off. We opt for mild surfactants based on plant ingredients, and these eco-friendly components easily wash away with a small amount of water. While one shower may not make a significant difference, the cumulative effect over a year could equate to the volume of a swimming pool. Thus, we recommend adopting the good habit of using water efficiently for washing and showering, for the sake of our future generations.

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Third-World Raw Materials

In some countries across the globe, citizens live in conditions unimaginable to those in more affluent nations, struggling to make ends meet. The raw materials painstakingly collected by an entire family in one day can support them, nurture the next generation of children, and contribute to their education. Our focus on raw materials from the third world is not merely because they are 'unique', but because they play a significant role in establishing a foundation for self-reliance for the citizens of these countries. The Tamānu and Jojoba fruits we choose today support not only the health of our skin but also the future of a young prodigy living on the other side of the planet. This, indeed, is the essence of valuable consumption.

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