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About Us

Dr. Orga is a vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand, committed to formulating products with only the purest, simplest, natural, and skin-friendly ingredients. Our headquarters are located in Seoul, Korea, where our brand was founded by cosmetic experts boasting over 20 years of experience in launching and distributing a wide array of products.


Established in 2013, Dr. Orga operates on the fundamental belief in Mother Nature's healing powers, with a strong commitment to creating sustainable products for future generations. Our goal is to minimize our impact on nature and animals, particularly after sourcing raw materials from the earth and utilizing them in our products. We are dedicated to preserving the purity of nature and ensuring the responsible use of its resources.


Our Promises


We maintain transparency by disclosing the complete list of ingredients, including the percentage of natural ingredients, leaving no component hidden.


Every ingredient, the comprehensive list, and the percentage of natural ingredients are all openly shared in our product information and images. Dr. Orga commits to absolute transparency, ensuring there are no hidden ingredients beyond what is provided in the complete ingredient list.



We stand firmly against animal testing.

Under our parent company, Gamsung-global, both Dr. Orga and Dr. Orga USA participate in the PETA program, actively opposing animal testing and refraining from exporting to countries where animal testing is a mandatory part of the export process. Our commitment is evident here: PETA Cruelty-Free Certification. We believe in humane practices; our furry friends should not be sacrificed for experiments. Instead, we conduct human clinical trials in safe and certified clinical research institutions, evaluating aspects such as irritability and effectiveness.



We are cautious with our ingredient selection, avoiding those that are high-risk or have uncertain stability.

While new ingredients surface every year, we boldly choose to bypass the temporary marketing allure they might offer. The skin’s reaction to an ingredient cannot be determined in the short term. Hence, we meticulously craft our formulas using ingredients proven safe and effective over time, resulting in unmatched results that no fleeting novelty ingredient can replace.



Our products are crafted in certified facilities, with an unwavering emphasis on cleanliness and safety.

We never compromise by choosing cheaper ingredients or aiming for lower manufacturing costs. Instead, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, cleanliness, and safety, upholding our reputation through certified manufacturing facilities and enduring partnerships, all to deliver trustworthy products to you.

It fills me with immense pride to share that the philosophy of Dr. Orga is deeply rooted in the wisdom handed down by our ancestors. We give precedence to formulations that incorporate herbs and natural ingredients with a long history and proven stability, steering clear of ingredients with uncertain effects or those that are hastily brought to market in new formulations.


For us, it holds greater value when a single customer, who truly understands and embodies the principles of Clean Beauty, acknowledges and appreciates our brand, than to gain momentary fame through a viral challenge. We see you as one of the 'Beautiful Warriors of the Earth' — individuals who genuinely care for the beauty and health of their skin, as well as the well-being of our environment.


I trust that this shared journey into the philosophy and values of Dr. Orga will prove to be a meaningful experience for you.


The effects described above are based on the natural properties of each ingredient as documented by the National Library of Medicine and are not directly related to the product.

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