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Meet the Founder

Jonghyun Lee / Founder

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"Valuing connections and approaching relationships with sincerity is my philosophy.

I was born on a very small island and spent my childhood in hardship, unable to even attend middle school, after losing my father at the age of five. My teenage years were spent working in a factory by day and studying at night.

After enduring many challenges, I entered the cosmetics business, where my initial venture failed. However, it was then that I met my wife, who has been involved in the family business ever since, becoming my most precious connection.

Not particularly gifted intellectually or physically, I have always relied solely on my diligence. My business succeeded because acquaintances who believed in my sincerity supported me. The customers of Dr. Olga are also precious connections to me. By listening to their grievances and understanding their hearts, I naturally create products that satisfy them. Dr. Olga is a gift from the customers who believed in my dedication."

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