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Clinical test result

The product showed a 93.66% increase in collagen production and demonstrated sustained collagen retention over 48 hours in human dermal fibroblasts in a comparative human trial.

For skin hydration and radiance, there was a 143.93% increase in moisture and a 21.33% increase in skin luster immediately after a single use.


The survey conducted by the Korean Dermatological Science Institute on 21 women aged 40-64 showed a 100% positive response rate regarding satisfaction, moisture, hydration, and luster of the skin after use.

How to Use

Apply once or twice a week or as needed.
When incorporating into your skin care routine, use the sheet mask after you cleanse and tone.
Start with a dry, cleansed face.
Place the sheet mask over eye area first, then gently spread over face.
Pat gently but firmly to ensure mask fits well onto skin.
Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes, as desired.
Gently remove mask and lightly massage any remaining liquid into your skin, or wipe off. Do not rinse.
Discard the mask after a single use.

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